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Green building the trend of the steel structure advantage new opportunities

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2018/09/11 18:01
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From the local governments have introduced the green building plan, vigorously develop the green building has become a consensus.
From the local governments have introduced the green building plan, vigorously develop the green building has become a consensus.However, at present in our country has green logo project accounts for the total construction area of about only 1%, compared with the advantages of steel structure, steel structure building market development in our country is still in its infancy, steel structure building in the future market space is very large.For now, slightly slow implementation of green building in China, the main reason is that the market is the concept of green building at the high cost, long return cycle, the green building generally accepted degree is not high.
In fact, the steel structure has obvious advantages in the field of green building.The Chinese academy of engineering Shen Zuyan used "light, quick, good, province" four words summed up the characteristics of steel structure.Hangxiao chief engineer Fang Hongjiang further interpretations of "first, steel structure building, it is within the whole life cycle of buildings through reduction, reuse, recycling, reduction of priority principles of circular economy development, it can not only meet the diverse needs of building function, also can effectively deal with building energy conservation, land, water saving, material saving and the dialectical relations between the environmental protection.
Second, steel structure building is a new building integrated product of industrialization, its core is industrialized, it USES a standardized design, factory production, industrial production, the prefabricated construction, decoration, information integration project management and integration services, is a revolution of traditional construction.It can to indoor outdoor things to do, things to do in the factory site, high altitude of things on the ground do, dangerous complicated machine, construction quality and safety control by a computer to do, is a waste of resources and damage the environment things don't do."
Third, steel structure, compared with a reinforced concrete structure construction steel structure building weight 1/2 to 1/3, namely saves 1/2 to 1/3 of building materials, reducing traffic volume 1/2 to 1/3, building materials can not only understand the dilemma of the construction waste siege, can also reduce the dust on the construction site, launched air defense, pollution can also put it into the system of cages.Finally, the steel structure can also dissolve excess steel production capacity, it can also hide steel in building, concealed steel in the people the benefit of future generations."
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